Stop Making These 10 Silly Ab Training Mistakes

You’ll wish you had known this earlier.

3. Diet and Nutrition

There can be chances your workouts are on point but you are still not shedding body fat. This is due to your diet. While workouts play an important role in building a chiseled midsection, your diet will be the deciding factor if you will achieve your goals.

4. Rest and Recovery

Some people train their abs way too often. They might think it’s a smaller muscle group and can recover sooner. This isn’t the case. You should at least have a 48-hour gap between your abdominal workouts. Training abs twice a week will get you the best results.

5. Complicating Things

Jay Cutler famously said, “People make bodybuilding harder and more complex than it actually is.” No one could have said it better. Ab training and development isn’t rocket science. Keep your basics right and be patient. You will see the belly fat melting and your abs emerging from them.

6. Crunches Won’t Cut It

For some people ab training means crunches. Tell someone they need to train their abs and the next thing you know they’re lying on the floor doing crunches. You need to add variation to your workouts to see results.

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