15 Awesome Products Every Gym-Going Gal Needs In Her Life

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Gym products

It’s payday and time to treat yourself! You could get a manicure, but we all know that will end up getting destroyed 15 minutes into your workout. Alternatively, you could splash your cash on a big night out but is it worth the hellish hangover? Probably not. How about some awesome gym products that look great, make you feel fantastic, and get you ALL the gains?

Take a look at our workout wish list and find the next gym gadget that is perfect for you:

Treat Yo Self

1. This stylish fitness tracker so you can see if you burned off that XL double-syrup frappucino

Gym Products - FitBit Alta

We all love gadgets, but we especially love gadgets that can help us on our health and fitness journey. The Fitbit Alta is the slimmer and sexier sister to the Fitbit Charge, but it is packed with cool technology like a step counter, a calorie tracker, sleep analysis, call and message notifications, and even regular reminders to get off your ass! It also looks really slick.

2. This “motivational” shirt that is dropping some serious truth bombs

Everything hurts and I'm dying

Sometimes, nothing can motivate you. Not even creeping on your favorite fitness models on Instagram for an hour. For those days, you just need to suck it up, put this Everything Hurts and I’m Dying shirt on, and remember it is okay that you’re sweaty and in pain. At Making it to the gym is more than half of it!

3. A little something to make training abs even more torturous

Ab Rollouts

No one likes training abdominals. No one. It’s boring and stupid, and no matter how many crunches we do, those six-pack abs never seem to appear! If you fancy spicing up your ab training and making your life far more difficult, get yourself an URBNFit Ab Wheel. You’ll feel it in both your upper and lower abs, and it is a lot more fun than ANOTHER set of hanging leg raises.

4. This trigger point massager that looks a bit like a weapon


We all know how important recovery is for our muscles. It gives them a chance to heal and grow, making them bigger, stronger, and more resilient. However, if you’re still aching several days after training, your body could need a little help with repairing itself. The SKLZ AccuStick is ideal for massaging your problem areas and speeding up recovery times. It can also be used to fend off all the men that will be ogling your strong, supple musculature!

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