25 Fat Burning Tips To End All Excuses

It’s time to ditch the fat for good


Burning fat is easier said than done. Nonetheless, we all wish for the celebrity body with those abs bulking out with no love handles. So, we’ve summed up 25 fat burning tips that will help you burn fat fast.

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25 Fat Burning Tips To End All Excuses

1. Run 100 Yard Sprints

If you run TEN 100 yard sprints, you can easily burn 500 calories daily.

On average, 3500 calories= 1 Pound fat. You’d shed 1 pound a week just from this exercise even if you didn’t change your diet.

2. Wear A Sweatshirt

You should always wear a sweatshirt before starting your workout, as your body tends to burn more calories when your muscles are warm.

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This increases your core body temperature and will allow you to be “warmed up” for your workouts.

3. Use Smaller Plates

Using smaller plates to serve meals can actually cut the size of your meals and satisfy the hunger.

4. Try Greek Yogurt

Immediately substitute the mayonnaise and sour cream with Greek yogurt. It reduces overall calorie intake and will be more creamy than your favorite mayo or sour cream.

5. Eat Shelled Nuts

Eat shelled nuts as it triggers the feeling of satiety according to studies.

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6. Chew Mint Flavored Gum

Eating sugar-free mint flavored gum after eating signals your brain to stop eating.

7. Start Eating Nuts

You should try to eat nuts instead of fast foods and sugary snacks. They deliver healthy fat.

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8. Try Power Yoga

Practicing power yoga once in awhile can help you burn up to 350 calories in a single session.

9. Workout On An Empty Stomach

Doing your workouts on empty stomach once in awhile helps to maintain high adrenaline and low sugar levels. Fasted training is effective and can lead to some great progress.

10. Alternate Between Sprinting And Jogging

Try to alternate between fast sprints and jogging. It helps to increase your metabolism rate. Think of it more like a HIIT routine.

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