Drop 10 Pounds In 3 Days—Legit Or Bogus?


What if you could lose 10 pounds in three days with one diet?

You might be thinking, what does this diet consist of? Water, ice, and a few grapes?

It surprisingly has real food, at the bare minimum of 800-1,000 calories per day. Here are images of the diet:

Day 1Day one - 3 day diet

Day 2

Day 2 - 3 day

Day 3

Day 3 - 3 day

This three-day diet is also known as the military, navy, army, and ice cream diet. Though these are the nicknames, none are organizations or companies—not even the ice cream industry will take credit for the diet. But why?comics-sarahseeandersen-food-health-431344Well, after careful research, I’ve found at least five reasons why the diet is too good to be true. Honestly, just looking at the food schedule, I’m sure you already have an idea why.

1. Does The Food Hold Up To Nutrition Standards?

Hotdogs, vanilla ice cream, and saltine crackers are not nutrient-dense foods. According to the chart, on day two, you are supposed to eat two hot dogs for dinner—and depending on your craving, ketchup and maybe mayonnaise can accompany them. Look, this diet contains a few nutritionally-dense food but not enough of them to sustain your energy. Plus, the weird combinations like tuna, banana, and ice cream are enough to make your stomach jump.

2. Is This Healthy For Your Body?

Three days is a very short time to gain results in anything of value. If you want long-term results, one month—not three days—is a healthy time period to safely lose 10 pounds.

When the weight goes very fast, it usually comes back just as fast as it left—like a bad boyfriend. Building a habit of getting rid of the weight with a healthy combination of nutritious food and exercise is the healthiest choice for long-term benefits.anigif_enhanced-28790-1414563309-1

Habits are not built in three days, they take months of practice.

Furthermore, imagine the effects of this diet on people with medical conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure. It is high in salt and fat, and lacking vitamins, minerals, and fibers. 

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