Get A 6-Pack In Six Minutes With These Six Exercises

Your dream physique in just six minutes.

5. Mountain Climbers

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Mountain climber is an incredibly effective exercise to work your lower abs. If you like doing the hanging leg raises but don’t have the bar for it at your place, this exercise is the best fit for you. It will also work your core since you will be in the planking position throughout the exercise.

Get in a planking position with your elbows locked out. Tuck your knees in and try touching your abs with them. You can also do a cross body variation of this exercise. In this variation touch the right side of your abs with left knee and the left side with the right knee.

6. Russian Twists

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This is one of the hardest abs exercises. This also means Russian twists will work your abs like only a few other exercises can. Keep your feet in the air while doing this exercise to put more tension on your abdominal muscles.

Sit at an 80-degree angle with your feet parallel to the ground. This will target your entire midsection while focusing on your lower abs. Lock out your elbows and extend your arms in front of you, twist to your right side and squeeze your abs. Return to the starting position and repeat for the left side.

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