7 Brutal Chest Exercises To Take Your Chest Gains To The Next Level

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A chiseled chest is almost a necessity if you’re looking to build a stunning physique. You can by no means be flat chested if you’re thinking about going shirtless on the beach. A ripped chest is looked at as a symbol of strength and manhood since a long time.

This is the reason you’ll find people asking you about your max bench. While lifting heavy weights on a bench press is great, you might hit a plateau if you’re not changing up your chest workouts enough.

7 Brutal Chest Exercises To Take Your Chest Gains To The Next Level

The mistake most people commit is they do the same chest workout over and over again. This is why their chest doesn’t seem to grow. In words of Arnold, you need to be shocking your pecs in order for them to grow.

Changing the number of reps and sets in your current chest workout is fine but it won’t get you the gains you’re looking for. You need to do the extraordinary to achieve extraordinary results in and outside the gym.

7 Brutal Chest Exercises To Take Your Chest Gains To The Next Level

1. Banded Barbell Chest Press

A normal barbell bench press is fine but the banded barbell chest press is a whole new ball game. This exercise will recruit your core like you could have never imagined. Make sure you have a spotter while attempting this exercise.

You need to have access to resistance bands in order to perform this exercise. Even if your gym doesn’t have them, it’s a worthwhile investment which will pay you dividends in the long run. So, invest in one now. Tip: Leave your ego at the door while performing this exercise.

2. Weighted Chest Dips

This is one of the most badass exercises you’ll ever see. You’ll often see pro athletes performing this exercise in magazines. Depending on the level of badassery you’re aiming for, you can either use a weight belt or chains.

While performing this exercise, maintain a slight angle. This will make sure all the tension is placed on your chest. If you stay straight all the stress will be taken of your pecs and will be put on your triceps.

3. Mechanical Advantage Drop Sets Incline Dumbbell Presses

Upper pecs are a weak muscle group for most people. Incline dumbbell drop sets are an incredibly effective way of exhausting your upper pecs and setting them up for growth. Mechanical advantage technique helps annihilate your upper chest.

In this exercise, start with the incline bench at 45 degrees lifting a weight you can do 12 reps with. After you complete your set, rest for 15 seconds and reduce the incline to 25-30 degrees. Do another 15 reps, rest for 15 seconds and reduce the incline to 10 or 15 degrees and complete your last set.

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