Build A Barn Door Back With These 7 Great Exercises

Want a big back? Try these exercises

People often neglect training their back at the gym directly. They hit it mostly as a secondary muscle group when doing something else. This is as big of a crime as skipping leg day. So we constructed a foolproof workout consisting of 7 non-boring, cool looking back exercises that will have gym bros saying “homie got back!”

7 Great Exercises For Your Back

1. Deadlift

Starting this with a classic, we got the deadlifts. Deadlifts are the essential, you live by it-you lift by it. Bare basics compound exercise that every gym bro that wants strength has to master. Since this a size based article, let’s add some volume to your workout. Don’t go hard and heavy on deadlifts, find an optimal weight and go for a high amount of reps. Do about four sets and aim for double digit rep number each set.

2. Good Mornings

The best way to describe this is, deadlifts, but you’re standing up. Go to a squat rack and unrack a bar like you are about to squat, but instead of squatting do a back extension leaning forwards. It’s great for working around any potential injuries and strengthening your back. Do three sets with¬†10 reps.

3. Lat Pulldowns

A familiar face among exercise machines. It makes you look cool when you do it, and it has a surprising amount of variations for a simple lat pulldown machine. For really hitting your lats and back, attach the long bar to the chain and grab a wide grip. This the ideal exercise for going into high rep ranges, so blast about ten to fifteen reps each set, with three to four sets.

4. Wide Grip Pull Ups

Another familiar face, the pull up bar. Nothing says “I’m a certified badass” like doing wide pull ups. When it comes to bodyweight exercises there really isn’t anything better than the pull up. It builds your strength and builds almost your entire upper body.

Do this either as a superset with some other muscle group or as a workout finisher when you’re done with everything else. Rep wise, there’s not much to say, go all until you can’t go no more. If you really want to push yourself, try doing a drop set with body weight pull ups until failure, then switch to a pull up machine or band assisted pull ups and do that until you pass out from exhaustion.

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