Build A Barn Door Back With These 7 Great Exercises

Want a big back? Try these exercises

 5. Seated Cable Rows

Another familiar exercise, nothing new or wacky. Seated rows are an awesome way of hitting your inner/center part of the back. Keep your back straight and reduce the movement to a minimum. Again, keep the rep number high to get dem hypertrophy gainz.

6. Weighted Back Extensions

Here’s something new and unusual. Powerlifters do this to strengthen their deadlifts and lower back. Go to your back extension machine and bring a barbell with you. Load up your barbell with a weight you are comfortable lifting up to ten times and do a back extension/straight leg deadlift combo that’s gonna hit your lower back.

7. Kettlebell Swings

This is another great workout finisher that hits your lower back. Find a kettlebell that’s optimally heavy for you, set a timer for half a minute or a minute and start swinging. Keep your back locked and straight and use your hips for movement. This will give you an awesome burn to your forearms, hamstrings, and of course, your lower back.

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