Build Bigger Muscles By Eating These 7 Foods

Which one will you choose?


Despite crushing it on the workouts, you are unable to notice some serious muscle gain. Right? To be honest, in most of the cases about complains not being able to build muscles, the thing that is holding most of the individuals is food. And believe me, 90% of them aren’t eating what they should be.


If you are still living in the dilemma that squats and bench presses will get you the lean mass…You probably need to focus on something that you still aren’t, and that’s nutrition.

And, of course, to get some serious gains, you must be ready to eat it.

7 Muscle Building Foods

So, without further ado, here are 7 foods that you must add to your routine to build strong muscles.

1. Whey Protein

I know it’s way too elementary of an item to be on the list, but are you really consuming it? Most of the individuals spend most of their time searching for whey protein products or asking bodybuilders with silly questions. That way, you won’t get anywhere.

Whey Protein

It is considered as the quickly and efficiently absorbed protein source in the body as compared to other sources such as casein. The best way to consume it is buying whey protein powder supplement. It not only helps in gaining muscles but also aids fat loss. During your intense workouts, your muscle tissues get torn and whey protein repairs them and maintains their growth.

2. Brown Rice

Brown Rice

It’s a rich source of whole grain and is a slow-digesting food that fuels the energy to your body throughout the day and during and after your workouts. It has been found through research that brown rice also boosts the growth hormone levels that results in a lean muscle growth, strength and fat loss.

3. Skinless Chicken

Another popular food that you should be eating. It is a rich source of low-fat lean protein and is the perfect item for fat loss. Just by consuming 100g of chicken, you’ll get 20g of protein that will help in the growth and maintenance of muscles.

Skinless Chicken

The best part of chicken as recommended by bodybuilders is the breast. It is much high in protein as compared to other parts and also prevents bone loss and boosts your heart health. Chicken is known to contain high levels of selenium and phosphorus that also supports liver, kidneys, immune system, nervous system, and teeth.

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