7 Awful Sex Myths That Everyone Needs to Stop Believing

Stop Believing These Popular Sex Myths Right Now


Sex, Sex, Sex…Kind of a big deal, right? A big time of our adulthood is spent discussing, talking and engaging ourselves about this topic. As humans, we are pretty shy talking about sex and hardly know anything about it. What’s worse are those awful myths always get brought up which create a huge misconception for millions of people.


So, before masturbate because you’re thinking about sex, here are 7 of the most popular, yet deliberately awful myths about sex that you and everyone else needs to stop believing right now.

7 Popular Myths About Sex

1. Big Shoes = BIG Penis

OKAY! Let me be honest here, there is no relation between the shoe size a man wears and the size of his penis. You’ve been bamboozled by someone that tall men with big feet and shoes have a large penis.

Big Shoes = BIG Penis

So, the next time you see someone wearing a size 14 shoe, instead of guessing…umm that must be a 12-14 incher dude…think normal. Unless that kind of thing makes you happy.

2. Picking a Partner

A series of studies conducted in 37 different countries across the globe shows that picking partner is not actually based on sexual performance. When it comes to women, they look for a man who is financially secure and will better be able to raise their children along with creativity and ambition.

Picking a Partner

On the other hand, men look for characteristics such as youth or something that symbolizes fertility.

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