7 Awful Sex Myths That Everyone Needs to Stop Believing

Stop Believing These Popular Sex Myths Right Now


6. Marriage is a Sex Killer

Marriage is a Sex Killer

Absolutely NOT! This is a phobia, mostly among men that once you’ve entered the married life, you won’t see her naked again. This is just awful thinking. Multiple studies reveal that married couple has more sex drive, they have sex more frequently and have a higher level of satisfaction.

So, kick that bull crap out of your mind.

7. No Sex After 60

Another misconception is that there is no sexual activity after the age of 60. No matter what you think, this is wrong.

No Sex After 60

The fact here is, between the ages of 60-80, approximately 60% of the men and 64% of the women are satisfied with their sexual function. Even though the activity is reduced with increasing age but the level of satisfaction remains high.

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