7 Things Female Lifters Do That We’re Not Ashamed Of

When I started getting serious about lifting, it sort of just happened. I never really expected to love it as much as I do. I’ve learned, first hand, how powerful a lifestyle change can be. And no, we don’t feel bad about it.

1. Checking Out Other Female Lifters
Female lifters are like eagles; they can spot other female lifters from miles away in a non-gym setting. And you bet we’re going to check out her carved physique. I don’t mean in a jealous “I wish I were her” sort of way. We’re simply admiring her hard work and dedication because we understand what it takes. It’s more of a mental high-five that says, “Wow…you keep doin’ your thang, girl!”2. Feeling Like A Badass
Feeling like a boss in the gym is a given. However, female lifters have many I’m-a-badass moments outside of the gym. These particular moments arise when strength is required, and you’re able to spring into action like, “Guys! I got this!”: hauling all of mom’s groceries in one trip, opening jars for your non-lifter girlfriends, graciously declining a chivalrous man’s offer to help carry something, or helping dad move furniture.3. Mentally Correcting People’s Form
Okay, so we know we should focus on our own lifts, but we can’t help notice the dysfunction surrounding us. We never want to cause any embarrassment nor come off as judgmental assholes. It just physically pains us to witness someone completely butchering an exercise. Whether to offer guidance or just remain bystanders in a potential train wreck is an internal debate we often have.4. Atypical Girl Spending Habits
Spending $100 on an outfit for a night out seems illogical. Yet, we’ll own multiple pairs of $100 gym shoes and enough racerback tanks and leggings to dress an entire fit chick army. Our closets start to look like the women’s activewear section at a department store. A $50 Sephora purchase leaves us with buyer’s remorse, but we won’t bat an eye when spending that on a tub of whey.