30 Inspirational Atheletes You Must Follow in 2017

These athletes will make you want to get in shape.

6. Calum Von Moger


If you’re a fan of the golden era classic physiques, you need to follow this guy on Instagram. He is known as the new-age Arnold. Calum follows a schedule but never takes it too hard on himself. He’s your guy if you want to build a physique without stressing about it too much.

7. Dana Linn Bailey

Talk about fitness inspirations and miss DLB? Can never happen. Dana Linn Bailey is a one-time women’s physique Olympia champion. DLB is a people’s person and documents most of her life on her YouTube channel. Head over to find some inspiration.

8. Jessica Arevalo


Jessica is arguably the most inspirational fitness athlete on this list. She has a great dressing sense and features in some of the raunchiest photoshoots. Jessica is an all natural Olympia bikini athlete. Follow her for some great training and nutrition advice.

9. Simeon Panda


This guy’s physique makes it look like he’s from another planet. Follow him for some time and you’ll be motivated to lift some heavy weights. Simeon doesn’t shy away from posting his failed attempts in the gym on Instagram. This makes you love him even more.

10. Ulisses Jr

Ulisses is one of the most sought after and highly respected bodybuilding and body composition coaches in the World. He goes by the name of ulissesworld on social media. If you’re always on the lookout for new exercises, he’s your guy.


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