30 Inspirational Atheletes You Must Follow in 2017

These athletes will make you want to get in shape.

11. Michelle Lewin


You thought we forgot, didn’t you? Michelle Lewin is one of the most recognized fitness athletes in the world. She has a physique which is widely desired by men and women alike. Follow her on Instagram for some diet and fitness tips.

12. Alice Matos


If you fetish women who speak a foreign tongue, you’ve found your girl. Alice Matos is a fitness athlete and the owner of Labelamafia. Along with her stunning physique, she boasts a great business sense and travels around the world promoting her clothing brand.

13. Elliott Hulse


Elliott Hulse is a strength coach and the founder of the Strength Camp. He started out with a small gym and came to the mainstream through his YouTube channel where he discusses various problems and motivates people.

14. Kai Greene

Kai Greene is one of the most active Mr. Olmpia athletes on social media. Not only does he post regularly, he is a very motivational guy who likes to talk about meditation, art, and spirituality. Guys like him give the sport of bodybuilding a much wider audience.

15. Anllela Sargara

Image result for Anllela Sagra


This Columbian beauty is a complete package. She has the physique and the social media skills to keep her fans interested and wanting for more. Be it yoga pants, denims or dresses, Angela can rock them all effortlessly.

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