30 Inspirational Atheletes You Must Follow in 2017

These athletes will make you want to get in shape.

16. Jamie Eason

Jamie Eason is an icon in the health and fitness industry. She is one of the most regarded and respected personalities in this industry. She is a transformation expert who also has a supplement line. Follow her to get all the amazing nutrition and training tips.

17. Jessie Hilgenberg


Jessie is an NLA for Her Sponsored Athlete, health and fitness coach, certified yoga instructor, published writer, and fitness model. Her highly popular Jessie’s Girls e-books and boot camps have helped countless women get in the bet shape of their lives.

18. Kris Gethin


Kris is one of the most hardcore bodybuilders in the industry. His training program, DTP, is one of the hardest training programs. DTP is also the most followed training program on bodybuilding.com. Kris has collaborated with almost all the big names in the industry for his training programs and videos.

19. Rich Piana


This might be a surprise addition to the list. Rich Piana is the owner of 5% Nutrition. His shot to fame was his YouTube videos where he openly talks about steroid use. If you want to know anything about gear, Rich is your guy.

20. Rob Bailey

Rob Bailey is one of the most inspirational guys on social media. If you watch his videos and still don’t get motivated, there’s something wrong with you. Rob is the DLB’s husband and a workhorse. Just like his wife, his work ethic will make you question yourself.

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