30 Inspirational Atheletes You Must Follow in 2017

These athletes will make you want to get in shape.

21. Ainsley Rodriguez


Ainsley Rodriguez is one of the bubbliest fitness athletes in the industry. She is a Shredz sponsored athlete and a model. Ainsley is your best fit if you love to workout but also enjoy red wine on the weekends.

22. Nikki Blackketter

Nikki Blackketter is a YouTuber and a fitness athlete. She also runs a very successful vlog where she talks about everything from fitness to make up. She is very transparent with her fans and at times even discusses her income with them.

23. Karina Elle


If fit models are your thing, Karina Elle is a must follow. Her perfectly toned body and golden color will keep you hooked on to fitness. Karina is Calum’s girlfriend. If you want your girlfriend/boyfriend to start working out, you should make them follow this couple. They also have a couple account.

24. Bradley Martyn


Bradley Martyn is a beast. He has some really insane skills for a 6″3, 250lbs guy. Bradley is known for doing crazy stuff like squatting 315lbs on a hover board and jumping out of swimming pool. He’s a must follow if you’re into explosive strength and want some big ass arms.

25. Steve Cook


There are bleak chances you’ve never heard of or seen Steve Cook. Steve is related to some of the biggest brands in the fitness industry like bodybuilding.com and Optimum Nutrition, which tells you something about his caliber. Follow him for some really helpful fitness and diet tips.

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