30 Inspirational Atheletes You Must Follow in 2017

These athletes will make you want to get in shape.

26. Bradly Castleberry


Bradly is also known as The Manimal. Look at his Instagram and you’ll be fascinated. He lifts huge weights while maintaining flexibility. Watch a few of his clips before your workout and you’ll surely be on your way to tearing down your gym.

27. Ashley Horner

Ashley Horner has always been athletic, playing soccer at an elite level. But it took the births of her children to push her into full-time fitness. She is especially passionate about helping soldiers and the spouses of servicemen and women through her Op-6 and Camp Valor programs.

28. Alex Silver-Fagan


Alex Silver-Fagan is a must follow if you’re into fitness and yoga. When everything in Alex’s life was out of control, she found stability, comfort, and inner strength within fitness. “I hope to inspire others that with passion and dedication, you can do anything,” she says.

29. Oksana Grishina


Oksana Grishina is a Russian former gymnast and current professional fitness competitor. She’s 3X Ms. Fitness Olympia. She is known for having some of the coolest fitness routines on stage. Give her a follow for some daily fitness inspiration.

30. Mike O’Hearn


We saved the best for the last. Mike O’Hearn comes at the top of the inspirational fitness athletes’ list. Mike is credited with the highest number of magazine cover shoots. He’s one of the strongest bodybuilders and the creator of PowerBodybuilding. Mike is also one of the most humble guys in the industry.

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