Be a Badass This New Year—10 Fitness Mantras for Serious Motivation

The motivation you need after the holiday season.

Stay Focused

You have to train your mind like it is a muscle. Figure out what distracts you from your goals, and combat it. Notice your self-imposed excuses, and then crush them. Setup little reminders of your long-term goal. If junk food is your weakness, avoid that aisle in the grocery store entirely. Have a plan for any situation where obstacles may deter your from your goal. When your mind is telling you to quit a workout, go for one minute longer. Then two. Your mind is powerful and can easily be used against you. Don’t let it.


Be Brave

Stepping outside of your comfort zone leads to the most amazing experiences in life. You have to take risks. Fear will be present your entire life, so you must learn how to overcome it and move forward. Many of us fall into the trap of our comfort zone and do the same thing at the gym, day after day, simply because it’s familiar. Address what you’re afraid of, and I know I sound like a broken record, but make a plan.

If you’re intimidated by the free weights section of the gym, crowded with sweaty men, then create your exact plan of attack. Study the exercises you’ll be doing, watch youtube videos, and practice the movement at home. Then, when you’re at the gym, you’ll know exactly what you need to do. Hold your head up high, and remember, nobody really cares what you’re doing at the gym. Don’t be embarrassed, be fearless!


Trust your Inner Strength

In the end, you are all you’ve got. Take pride in yourself and your capabilities. If you want something, find a way to make it happen. Believe in yourself. Be courageous and confident. You’ve been through hardships before, so, in reality, a little mental and physical endurance is totally doable. It takes effort, but you’ll slowly become self-reliant and assured. The more you practice believing in yourself and accomplishing your goals, even little ones, the stronger and more confident you’ll become.


Be Better

This should be your goal everyday, in every way. Stagnation breeds boredom and laziness, and that’s no way to live life. Every little change will add up to big successes.


Be Fierce

Repeat after me, “I am fierce.” Say it, believe it, embody it. Life is hard, but here you are, pushing yourself to accomplish more. Hopefully, with a little humility and a huge smile. You should be proud. A positive mindset will be reflected in your physical body, too. So, get out there, envision what you want, make your plan, and run boldly into the open world feeling like the fierce, badass that you are!


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