The Best No Gym Workout Routine

Ain’t got time for a gym? No problem, do this instead

No Gym Workout

Going to the gym can be a very unnerving process. The membership is overpriced and expensive, the bench is always taken, and half the people don’t have a clue what they are doing. If all that wasn’t annoying enough, the checkout counter girl suddenly decides that everyone in the gym should workout listening to the new Ed Sheeran album.

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Sometimes the best way to workout is the old school way, with your own bodyweight at home. So, just for that occasion, we’ve constructed the ultimate “screw the gym, I’ll get shredded without it” workout.

1. Push Ups

The most basic of the basics, the ultimate upper-body exercise. Push ups are essential in any bodyweight exercise routine. Once you master the basic variation of the push up, you open yourself up countless variations of push ups. Different variations include; clap, incline, decline, Spiderman, Superman, Hindu, pseudo, double clap, diamond… all hit various upper body muscles from different angles. Get started with the regular variation and enter an entire world of upper body workouts.

2. Dips

Dips are also an upper body basic and it too has some variations to it. While there aren’t as many variations as push ups, you can play around with this one too. The basic “homemade” version is the “chair dip” version. It’s very simple actually, you place a chair against a wall (for stability sake) put your hands on the ends of the chair and start dipping.

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You can do this with legs being fully extended or being bent at a 90-degree angle, the latter being a bit easier to pull off. Now that you got yourself familiar with the basic, time to go advanced.

You can add another chair to put your legs on (or any other elevated object you got at home), adding to the depth of the dip. Then, try doing dips between two chairs placed back to back. You will need a very stable chair and some strength because it has a high chance that you end up falling on your face.

3. Planks

Planking also has a dozen variations, but for simplicity sake, we will stick with the basics. There are two side planks and one front plank. Judging by the names alone, it’s safe to assume what each variation hits in your abdomen.

Side planks hit your side abs (obliques) and the front plank hits your entire core. If you are a badass, try lifting your leg to add an extra challenge to your plank.

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