The 9 Different Types Of Boobs And Celebs Who Have Them

Where do you fall on the boob spectrum?

Believe it or not, there are more ways to describe boobs than just “big” or “small.” Thanks to the lingerie company, ThirdLove, there are now nine distinct categories, which describe the variety of boobage that is out there. It’s called the “Breast Shape Dictionary,” and customers can use it to see where they fall on the boob spectrum.

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Wait, so there’s more to it than just measurements? Yep, there sure is. Speaking as a slightly bell-shaped, rounded, side set-breasted woman, I will say that it does make things a little more complicated, but it’s also pretty cool. The purpose of having this “dictionary” of different breast types is helpful for lingerie shoppers who want to buy the right kind of bra for their girls!

Here Are The 9 Different Types Of Boobs And The Celebs Who Have Them:

1. Slender

Slender breasts are pretty thin, and the nipples are pointed downward. These breasts give push-up bras a reason to exist. However, Miley adorns her slender-shaped breasts with glitzy pasties.


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2. East-West

I’d rather have East-West boobs than North-South ones. With this type, it’s not about the shape but the direction. Both nipples are pointed outward. Rihanna has this shape, and it’s pretty obvious that she has no problem showing them off pretty much anywhere.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 11.26.52 AM

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 8.36.03 PM

3. Relaxed

If you have these breasts, you’re probably a really laid-back person. JK! I wish I had half the amount of chill as these lax-tissue breasts with their nipples facing downward. Look how natural and stunning Katie Holmes looks with them…


Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 8.35.45 PM

4. Athletic

Wider, more muscular breasts with less tissue. As fit chicks, we often rock these “flat” breasts. The more we lift, the more boobage lost. The lack of tissue = lack of fat tissue. I know, it just doesn’t seem fair. It’s the one of two places where society is okay with a little extra fat. But sometimes, that’s the price we pay to have abs. Be proud! Artist, Pink rocks her athletic bod and breasts flawlessly!

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