The 9 Different Types Of Boobs And Celebs Who Have Them

Where do you fall on the boob spectrum?

Now, as women, we know that the structure, size, and shape of our girls are not the only things that are important. Boobs change as we grow and as we become the badass women we are. Since puberty, breasts have been along for the ride with us, all the way to womanhood, and here are some of the ways you have experienced them or will in the future:

1. Prepubescent Breasts

This one has a special place in my heart or chest. I was the first girl to sprout breasts in 5th grade, but the months beforehand were anxiety-inducing. I wore little training bras, even though I didn’t need to, just to feel like a grown-up lady-person. When they actually came in, I tried to hide them from the pinching hands of my teasing aunts. *shudders*

puberty gif

2. Marathon Boobs!

OW! Even men go through this one but not to the same extent. Often, runners experience the horrifying nipple-bleeds if they forget to tape them before the race. Say goodbye to the t-shirt you ran in. Not only do they bleed, but for women, breasts get just as exhausted as our legs from all of the bouncing. This is when it’s nice to have a more athletic bust. (Hurrah for flat-chested glory).


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