The 9 Different Types Of Boobs And Celebs Who Have Them

Where do you fall on the boob spectrum?

3. Sex(y) Boobs

One thing that’s pretty hot during sex is what happens to your breasts. Because of your hormones, they can swell during intercourse and even become a more attractive color. They can also become more sensitive and perk up a little bit! Yay, sex(y) boobs!


4. Hairy Breasts

Breasts get hairy??? YES! About a third of women experience the small little pube-like hairs that grow around their nipples. It’s usually not very noticeable, but some guys get it too and a lot more of it. If it really bothers you, you can pluck it, but I doubt your partner will notice a few stray hairs when there is a naked woman in front of them.

hairy boobs gif

5. Bodybuilding Boobs

This one is just for us: the fit chicks. Both a blessing and a curse, bodybuilding breasts are powerhouses of pectoral strength but are less fatty and not so voluptuous. However, the more you strengthen your pectoral muscle, the perkier they can get.


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