Boost Your Testosterone Naturally With These 6 Foods

Has your performance been stalling in the gym recently? Try these 6 foods

Has your progress been slowing in the gym recently? Do you know that one of the reasons could be that your body’s testosterone levels might be falling? Gym buffs usually blame everything on either their food or supplements, but hormonal change is rarely seen as a cause for the poor performance.

It has scientifically been proven that the body’s testosterone levels decrease after your mid-30s. While it’s true that it can be increased by engaging more in sexual activities or taking a testosterone boosting supplement, one of the easier ways is to change your eating habits and go for foods that are known to increase the testosterone levels.

So here we discuss 6 foods that you can add in your routine food intake and get those massive gains you’ve always wanted.

1. Tuna

Tuna is a food that is highly rich in vitamin D. Not only does it help in increasing the testosterone level but this is also very rich in protein so you can definitely use it as a protein substitute for some other protein source that you might be using. In a study conducted recently, researchers found that low testosterone levels were tied to a vitamin D deficiency in European men.

2. Garlic

Garlic is a great add-on for regular home-cooked foods but that is not it’s only great benefit. Garlic contains a substance called diallyl disulfide which is known to promote a hormone that is itself known to increase the t-levels of the body.

3. Mushrooms

Mushrooms, as you know, is a type of fungi that is beneficial for the human body in many ways. One of the major advantages of it that we will discuss here is that it is known to prevent free testosterone from binding to androgen receptors. Basically, mushrooms prevent the production of the enzyme aromatase and aromatase converts androgen to estrogen.

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