Detox Your Body And Break Through Training Plateaus

Find out if you have excess toxins and get rid of them

Living in a globalized world is kinda fun. Anything you want is practically a click of a mouse away; any protein powder you like has 12 different flavors. This is a good time to be alive.

However, modern day lifestyle brings with it a lot of negative side effects. We get pollutions of all sorts in everything we drink and eat, and we are constantly under stress. All that stress and pollution is represented in our body as toxins.

Some have more of it, some have less of it, but unless you live in a secluded self-sustaining village, chances are your body is filled with toxins. So for this occasion, we will go over the symptoms of having excess toxins in your body and what to do about it.

Detox Your Body And Break Through Training Plateaus

Below, we go over some of the most common signs that your body is riddled with toxins.

1. Headaches

Having a pulsating, never ending, headache can often be a first sign that something’s not right in your body.

While headaches can be caused by a lot of things, if you have consistent headaches and you know you are staying hydrated, chances are there is a huge toxin build up in your body.

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2. Problems With Weight Loss

If you are trying to lose weight and it just won’t come off no matter how hard you work out and count calories, this could mean your body is filled with toxins. There are these things called lipophilic toxins that are toxins that are often stored in your fat cells.

Since toxin and pesticides don’t work under the same rules as fat cells do, they automatically make losing weight even more difficult.

3. Exhaustion

Feeling tired even though you are getting your 8 hours of sleep? It’s possible that toxins are causing high amounts of stress on your body. Not only that, it also possible that the toxins are directly disrupting how your adrenal gland works, causing adrenal fatigue.

4. Bad Breath

Having a bad case of garbage breath that won’t go away could point to the spoiling of the organism. In most cases, bad breath is a case of digestion issues. However, it’s also very possible that your liver is struggling with all the toxins in your body and that it’s the reason for having bad breath.

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5. Muscle Aches

Constant muscle aches and soreness that just won’t go away often means toxins are involved. Sure, it could also mean that it’s because you had an awesome workout session yesterday, but if the soreness doesn’t go away after a few days, the pain isn’t because of a good bicep pump.

6. Skin Problems

Acne and rashes are a good sign that toxins are doing their dirty work in your body. When redness or swelling appears on your face or your body, it means that your immune system is having an epic battle with the toxins trying to get rid of them.

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