Want Big Calves? Do THIS!

These three exercises are the foundation to a great set of calves.

build calves

Most of the people who hit the gym worry about muscle groups such as arms, chest, and abs. Most of the other muscle groups are often ignored and only top bodybuilders even take the time to develop them. Unless you are genetically gifted in these muscle groups, you either work your butt off and get no return, or you just say “screw it.”

The muscle group that probably places last on most people’s list are calves. Even the bodybuilders who compete at Mr. Olympia have small calves. Calves are difficult to build than the other muscles as you have to work on them at least three to four times a week if you want to have a great set.

It gets difficult to walk the next day after working them out so you can guess why most of the gym-goers have small calves. If there is any muscle which tops the gym memes, it definitely is the calves.

Calves are made up of these three muscles. The first one is the gastrocnemius, the second one is the soleus and the third one is a very small muscle called the tibialis anterior.


Well, you guys don’t need to worry, we got you. Here we provide you with three exercises that are literally the best if you want to build big and shredded calves:

3 Best Exercises For Building Calves

1. Standing Calf Raises

One of the first exercises that come to mind when we hear the word calves, the standing calf raise. These are actually a wonderful exercise for the gastrocnemius. The weights you perform with don’t need to be too heavy but take such a weight that you are able to squeeze out 15-20 reps easily and with great form.

Note: Your form has to be correct because that is one of the reasons your calves won’t grow. So basically, the correct way is when you give full compression and full stretch to the muscle which means that you just don’t have to move up but also go down once you come to the horizontal level.

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