Want Big Calves? Do THIS!

These three exercises are the foundation to a great set of calves.

build calves

 2. Leg Press Calf Raises

One of the first exercises for the calf that was very famous in the Golden Era of bodybuilding was the ‘Donkey Calf Raises’ and it was Arnold’s favorite when it came to building calves. The major problem with this exercise is that you actually need a person to sit on your back while you perform the exercise.

There is actually a machine much similar to donkey calf raises but it’s not around in most of the gyms. One variation that is very much similar to donkey calf raise is the leg press calf raises. Here, the position is almost the same as that of leg press.

The difference is just that rather than keeping your feet on the pad, keep them at the bottom in such a way such that only the toes are touching the pad. Push from toes to compress the muscle and after coming to level, bring your toes backward to extend the muscle.

3. Seated Calf Raises

Seated calf raises might look the same as standing calf raises but they are actually not; both exercises actually engage different muscles. While the standing version hits the gastrocnemius, the seated version engages the soleus.

When the angle around the knee is around 90-degrees, the soleus gets engaged whereas when the leg is straight, gastrocnemius is affected more.

Wrapping It Up

Here are three exercises that you probably aren’t doing for your calves. Sticking to proper form, using the correct weight, and giving them enough volume and intensity is key.

Anyone can grow calves if you put quality work into them. Now that you know how your calves work, get to growing.

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