Do THIS If You Want To Build Bigger Biceps Easily

Build Massive Biceps With This Simple Technique


Speed up Your Gains

When you alter your reps, it’ll hit muscle fibers with a varying stimulation. This triggers their growth.

For the sake of our discussion, suppose you are stuck at 100 pounds on the EZ-bar curl and you are doing 10 reps. So, instead of going for another 10 reps on the same weight, you should load an extra 25 pounds on the bar. This will definitely decrease the rep range to five or eight reps, but overall it’ll hit your muscle fibers at a whole new level.


Not to mention that sets with reps fewer than six reps are usually for gaining strength as compared to size, however; as you become stronger over time, you can aim for more reps with the same load for massive gains.

The most popular and proven method for building strength as prescribed by Bodybuilding is 5×5 or simply five sets of five reps each. This was previously used by Bill Starr back in the 1970s, however; don’t apply this technique with barbell curls.


We’ll focus on the weighted chin-ups with an underhand grip and dramatically stimulate the bicep muscles.

Your goal will be to take a given weight and aim for five sets of five reps each with less than 2-minutes rest in between. We recommend starting with 6RM. Choose a weight at which you’ll reach near failure at the 6th rep.

Does This Technique Fail?

Though it is very effective and you’ll notice some massive gains over time but just like anything, it may become obsolete after some time. At this stage, what you can do is opt for intensity boosting strategies by adding more weight, increasing the rep range and sets.



I would say to keep changing your workout routine, but make sure to progress in weight, intensity, or volume. Don’t try to stick to a particular one for ages just because it feels comfortable after a while. To build an impressive physique, you have to do something impressive.

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