Eat THIS If You Really Want To Build Muscle

Quit skipping out on this macro

eat carbs

 3. Carbs are needed for effective protein digestion

To increase muscle mass, you need to have sufficient carbs in your diet. By sufficient we mean around 2.5g per pound of bodyweight (if you want to build muscle). A shortage of carbs not only limits protein synthesis but also decreases the body’s natural rate of testosterone production.

If you are not consuming enough carbs, your body will begin to break down protein and start to use it for energy instead of building muscle.

4. Try to consume more low GI carbs

High glycemic carbs are the carbs that have a high amount of sugar present in them.

When you consume them, they give you an instantaneous spike of energy but within an hour or so, you become tired. This is called a sugar crash. On the other hand, foods with a low-glycemic index releases energy slowly which lets you have energy for longer durations. Maybe it won’t even matter so much in building muscle but no one wants to have crappy workouts and feel less energetic during the day.

It is also worthy to note that the spikes of energy spike insulin, causing fat gain.

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