6 Effective Ways to Burn More Calories at the Gym

Get burning!


You’ve read the magazines, watched the YouTube videos, followed advice from a well-known Instagram fitness model — all on how to tone down or lean out. Most always, the advice you’re given doesn’t work effectively. And now you’re lying on the couch, digging your fat ass into your third Ben & Jerry’s tub, thinking why the life you’ve been given is one void of fat loss.

Everybody has the ability to lose fat — that’s a given. What everybody doesn’t have, is the resources or knowledge, or even commitment, to do so. There’s not much I can do about your level of commitment — that’s all on you. What I can do, however, is provide you with the much-needed information to help educate you, and ultimately, point you in the right direction to the rest of your fit life.


When it comes to the gym, most women just want to get in and out as quickly as they possibly can. And who can blame them? Shoot, not even I want to spend upwards of an hour keeping my ass in shape, let alone do meal prep. But I do these things. Why? Because I love the way it makes me feel. The amount of confidence I’ve gained through transforming my body from that of a smooth-skin to having a six-pack year-round is incredible!

So, the next time you dread going to the gym, just remember what you want to look like. It may not take a month—or even two—but you’ll certainly get there if you persist.


Let’s take a look at eight pieces of cardio equipment that may help you break through the paused progress you’ve been experiencing as of late.

1. TRX Suspension Training

I’d be willing to bet that you’ve seen these yellow bands hanging around your gym, am I right? You might have even thought to yourself, “What the hell are those things?” Fret not, I’m here to break it down. TRX is the next best thing after regular bodyweight exercises. These straps hanging from the walls of your gym are adjustable, meaning that you can either make an exercise easier or more difficult. However, if you’ve not used this before, it is inadvisable to go balls-to-the-walls on your first day of trying out this form of suspension training.

Example TRX Exercises:

Note: Perform each exercise for three sets. To up the intensity, perform each exercise in immediate succession; after all these exercises have been completed, it will count as one set.

1. Squats — 15-20 reps


Harder variation: Single-Leg Squat


2. Chest Press — 12-15 reps


3. Plank — 20-30 seconds


Harder variation: Atomic Pike


4. Rows — 10-12 reps


5. The Power Pull — 10-12 reps


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