Carb Tips to Help You Stay Shredded

Clear all your misconceptions about carbs and have them the right way


So when you say you want to build muscle and lose fat, the first tip that you will hear from the local gym trainers is to cut carbs from your diet as they are the main culprit for fat gain, but the truth is that this is just a myth and if taken properly, carbs are an important factor in gaining muscle and losing fat.

It’s true that carbs makes one gain fat but only when taken in excess or taking sugary types of carbs. The majority of the processed foods we get in the market are carbs. So, when you consume processed foods, you gain subcutaneous fat and that is when people blame it on carbs.


To lose fat, one has to focus on the number of calories consumed. If you are consuming fewer calories than you are burning, you will lose fat.

Here are some of our tips regarding intake of carbs that will help you take them in the right way:

1. Eat the Majority of Your Carbs After Your Workout

The body’s metabolic processes are run mainly on carbs throughout the day. The body can use proteins and fats as its source of energy by a process called gluconeogenesis but this happens only when the carb stores are either depleted or very low.

When you eat carbs, your blood sugar levels rise causing the rise in insulin which is the main culprit of fat gain but just after your workout, this spike is the least and at that time, they are used mainly for muscle building purposes so that’s how eating carbs right after your workout helps you.

2. Cycle Your Carbs Every Now and Then

Carb-cycling is one of the best ways to reduce your body fat. What you have to do is to limit the intake of carbs to a certain amount (<50g) on some specific days and eat double the carbs you normally would the day after that. Depleting the carb stores and then loading them the next day helps to make the muscles appear bigger and fuller as well.

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