Heat Up Your Love Life: 11 Crazy Places To Have Sex

You won’t believe number 10

Life is too short to be doing one thing over and over again. While we can’t count sex to be one of these things, the places you have sex at are certainly on the list. If you’re reading this, chances are your sex life starts and end in the bedroom.

Believe it or not, things might be getting too boring for you or your partner. There might be a possibility your partner isn’t telling you about it to save hurt feelings. While they are trying to keep from hurting you, they really want to tell you that you’re adventureless and they want to spice it up a bit.

Let’s face it; no one wants a dull and boring sex life unless you’re a turtle. You don’t need to learn new moves to wow your partner. Simply changing the places you have sex at can be a game changer and might be enough to spice things up and reignite things up between you and your partner.

Love making in different places can also establish a new connection between old and new couples alike. Some of these encounters might even stay with you for an entire lifetime. So, read through and make a note of these places.

Heat Up Your Love Life: 11 Crazy Places To Have Sex

1. Car

11 Crazy Places To Have Sex | Heat Up Your Love Life

If Hollywood was to be believed, many babies were conceived in the back seats of a car. Your car can be one of the most obvious places to get friendly with your partner and yet only a few people ever make the right use of it. The back seat isn’t only meant to carry passengers.

2. Shower / Bathtub / Swimming Pool

Another place which is right next to you but only a few people have ever utilized to the fullest. Making love in water can be exotic. Not to mention, the water is an excellent lubricant which makes everything much better and enjoyable.

3. Your Parents Room

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Many people go to their graves with this fantasy unfulfilled. There’s something about letting loose in your parent’s room which makes things so sexy. The thrill of getting caught during the act adds up to the entire experience.

4. A Public Place

Different people have different fantasies and preferences about getting the act on in a public place. While some people might like the calm and quiet of a deserted park, others find an empty football field tempting. Scratch your itch as you like.

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