Heat Up Your Love Life: 11 Crazy Places To Have Sex

You won’t believe number 10

5. Kitchen

The kitchen can be a paradise for people looking for new places to explore. Kitchens have slabs and shelves which are at perfect heights for you to enjoy. Add edibles to the mix to spice – or rather sweeten things up.

Tip: Stay away from sharp things.

6. The Gym

The gym is one of the places where all your juices are flowing free. Your testosterone levels are peaking and you want to tear apart anything which comes in your way. It can be so much better if you work out with your partner at a time when your gym is empty. Changing rooms can be a good idea.

7. Party

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You have to be from another planet if you haven’t thought about doing it at a party. The whole task of finding a place and being discreet adds to the fun. You might be in a different kind of a party if people there don’t find it necessary to be secretive. In that case – enjoy.

8. In The Wilderness

Making love in the wild can be the closest you can get to connecting with nature. It might even make you feel this is what it was supposed to be like since the Garden of Eden. There is a reason people love hiking and camping so much. The risk of someone walking in on you adds to the fun.

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