Heat Up Your Love Life: 11 Crazy Places To Have Sex

You won’t believe number 10

9. Wedding

Many people go to weddings looking for, or at least fantasizing about having a ‘good time.’ There are only a few other occasions when there is so much love in the air. Sometimes all this love does transcend into steamy sex.

10. Theater

Couples have been pictured going to movies together for an eternity now. There are chances you’ve heard of some crazy stories in the theater. Nothing can be as romantic and thrilling as making love in an almost empty theater.

11. Changing Room

Image result for changing room gif

Some outfits can bring out the sexy in people. Go shopping with your partner and you’ll find out what we mean. You’re in luck if you find a store with an exclusive changing room. You will certainly have some memories associated with the outfit every time your partner wears it after the encounter.

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