The Only Exercise You Need to Cure Back Pain and Correct Your Posture

One simple stretch to rule them all.


While the workers of yesteryear might have found their backs ravaged after hours spent in the fields, we’ve come upon our own menace in the modern day, and it goes by the name of the “sedentary lifestyle.”

It’s easier now more so than ever to build an existence around just a select few positions, with many of us developing back pain—most probably in the lower back—after a routine of moving from a seated desk position to sitting somewhere else—most probably in front of the television—without much variation.


A lack of frequent stretching can, over time, twist one’s spine into unnatural curvatures and inflict permanent damage if we aren’t careful, so even the most minimal limbering up can be hugely beneficial.

Here, we’re going to introduce you to one extremely effective manoeuvre that will not only improve your posture, improve blood circulation and alleviate back pain but also devote some work to toning up your abdominals, too.

Whoever said stretching wasn’t fun clearly had not been introduced to the lying back extension.

It’s in the lying back extension that sits the secret to solving your back pain woes and will help bring your poor posture back to the comfort it once enjoyed before you entered into a fatal cycle of sitting.

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