24 Reasons Why Dating A Fit Chick Is Flippin’ Awesome

I don’t think I need to convince you to score yourself a fit chick. Guys, if you haven’t found your swolemat yet, don’t lose hope! She’s out there somewhere. And here are a few reasons why she is worth the wait.

1. Planning a date is simple. All you have to do is bring her to the gym.


2. She’s like the energizer bunny, which rubs off of you.  

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3. Buying her gifts is equally as easy: workout clothes and gym shoes.


4. You don’t have to rely on your bros; she can help move your furniture when your lease is up.


5. She is disciplined and one tough cookie. Instead of whining like a little bitch, she deals with it/handles her shit.


6. She’s hungry just as often as you. You’ll always have an eating companion.


7. She wears yoga pants, leggings, or spandex about 85% of the time.


8. She’s flexible 😉


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