8 Deadliest Sins That Will Stop You Training In 2017

Visualize how you want to change, and determine the goal that will help you get there.


New Year’s is a great time to purify and refine your routine. To do so, eliminate these eight deadly training sins.

Sin #1: Not Having a Goal


If your goal is not written down and quantifiable, it might as well not exist.

First, visualize how you want to change and determine the goal that will help you get there. Second, make the goal tangible by linking key milestones to it. For example, instead of saying “increase bicep strength,” say “add an inch to the biceps.”

Also, consider refining your goals down to just one or two. This will allow you to focus your success.

Sin #2: Skipping Workouts

Remove the decision-making from your routine. There is no decision to be made. Going to the gym is not an option. It is like going to sleep. You just do it. Schedule a time, and when that time comes, just go. No questions asked.

Not only will this make sure you get to the gym every time, it will also free up valuable willpower for other dilemmas.

Sin #3: Training Alone


Don’t lift alone. It’s a sin. Not only because lifting without a spotter can be dangerous, but also because training alone makes it harder to stay motivated.

Training with a buddy also increases your likelihood of achieving your goals, makes you less likely to skip workouts and gives you extra support when needed.

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