8 Deadliest Sins That Will Stop You Training In 2017

Visualize how you want to change, and determine the goal that will help you get there.

Sin #4: Doing for Too Many Reps

The best advice is to lift just six reps at the heaviest manageable weight. This will increase your strength quicker than the classic eight to 12 reps. The important thing is to increase weight and maintain form. The last lift should be performed very slowly and should be more difficult to complete.


Sin #5: Making Your Nutrition Program Second

Put more effort into planning your nutrition program than you put into your training program. That’s right, you read that correctly. You eat three to six times a day. You only work out up to twice a day. Point made.

If your diet is secondary, sometimes you’ll hit your calorie goals, and sometimes you won’t. Make a program and stick to it. Make sure you hit not only your daily goals but also your meal goals. Every little bit counts and the day is made up of meals. Make your diet primary and the rest will work itself out.


Sin #6: Not Drinking Enough Water

Most people are dehydrated. Our muscles are made up of 70 percent water and even a two percent dehydration level begins to hinder our ability to perform.

To get enough water, make it a priority. Instead of drinking coffee or soda, drink water. Figure out how much water you need every day (at least a gallon) and drink it. You’ll get fewer headaches, you’ll sleep better, and your performance will definitely increase. Water is life.

And did I say you’ll have fewer headaches?

Sin #7: Not sleeping enough

A woman sleeping on machine in gym

Just like water, sleep is absolutely essential. And again, most people are walking around in a constant state of exhaustion. Sleep needed does vary from person to person, but most of us need eight to nine hours of sleep. Try to err on the side of too much sleep rather than on the side of too little. Sleep is a great thing and is often undervalued. It will give your body time to repair your muscles, laying the framework for increased strength.

Instead of setting an alarm to wake up, try setting an alarm to go to sleep. Go to sleep on time, and the getting up part is easy.

Sin #8: Expecting Immediate ResultsImage result for instant abs

Results don’t happen overnight. Motivation is powerful, but having unrealistic expectations can destroy that motivation when results aren’t seen as early as expected.

Instead of basing your success on results such as pounds lost or increased reps or weight, base it on how well you stick to your program. Eat every meal. Perform every workout. And slowly but surely, the results will come.

Long-term dedication will be key in 2017.

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