How To Melt Away Belly Fat And Achieve Your Dream Body

Dear pesky midsection, BE GONE!

Our midsections are one of the peskiest areas to lose body fat. Whether it’s due to genetics or pregnancy, it’s one of the last areas to go when trying to lose body fat. Ugh!


If you’re like most women, you’d prefer a more lean, toned midsection. Spot reducing is a waste of time, and anyone with a bit of fitness knowledge under their belt knows it doesn’t work. Good News! Christmas Abbott, a CrossFit competitor and author of the book The Bad-Ass Body Diet, is here to help us say goodbye to our little pooches! Abbott once was “skinny fat” who transformed her body completely. Skinny fat is when you appear skinny in clothes, but you still have a higher body fat percentage.

I feel like our midsections are part of the body we get the most self-conscious about. Christmas understands where many of us women are coming from when you work so hard, and yet, you still see that dreaded fat covering your abs! The key here, according to Christmas is “Food in the foundation and fitness is the accessory.” Okay, that’s great. You’ve probably heard that abs are made in the kitchen. We need the proper macronutrients proteins, carbs, and healthy fats in every meal. This will aid in overall body fat reduction. Therefore, helping in the reduction of your stubborn belly fat. AWESOME! Click here to calculate your macronutrients.

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