This Dude’s Barbell Backflips Will Blow Your Mind

So you thought your deadlift was impressive, huh?

And they said white men can’t jump..

The three minutes and three seconds of gym-mania above show Lundstein performing deadlift backflips, kettle bell backflips, kettle bell frontflips into single-leg pistol squat, dual-lady barbell squats—and that’s all in the first half.


However, Lundstein also stresses the importance of safety when it comes to undertaking these kinds of practices, adding:

“I would not recommend this to anyone, unless they really know what they are doing,” he says. “There is a lot of body control, body strength and understanding of momentum needed to be able to do this and not get injured.”

myLAB Box safety safe safety first

Proper implementation is probably one of the most undervalued factors in the fitness industry and is probably the single biggest contributor to why CrossFit has developed such a poor reputation among some.

Do it properly, do it safely, and you may just end up not looking like a complete jackass.

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