6 Embarrassing Things That Fitness Girls Experience

Sh*t happens…

We all have had one of those moments that we wanted to take back and wish it never happened. Sometimes, there are witnesses. And sometimes, only you know about it. Let’s face it, all of us have felt embarrassed about things we can’t control it. Fitness girls know this feeling very well. I’m not talking about things like squatting and your damn pants rip even though that is pretty embarrassing.

Six Embarrassing Things Fitness Girls Experience:

1. Fire Crotch

I’m not talking about a ginger whose carpet matches the drapes. I’m talking about the fires of hell down in your pants. Men seem to think that their “sweaty balls” are annoying. So, picture this, you have a warm area to begin with, and you throw on tight underwear followed by leggings. While your ass may look fantastic in these leggings, your girl in the front is suffocating. The only option she has is to sweat it out. So, you are working hard. Meanwhile, your crotch alone is burning extra calories from trying not to suffocate. You get up off the bench. Look what you left, a glorious sweat mark. No, not your ass sweat mark but your crotch. So you do a small wipe and move onto the next machine like nothing happened. Should I get into what it’s like when you have to go to the bathroom? Your drenched undies stick to you as you pull them down. Pulling them back up is equally as gross.


2. The Fit Mom Problem

After you have kids, some things in your body don’t work the way they used to. For instance, your bladder. You always hear about girls on trampolines who pee their pants when jumping. Well, it happens in fitness too. There are certain workouts you steer away from because you found out the hard way. If you push too hard, you pee a little. Decline sit-ups are one. You go back feeling strong. You use your abs to pull yourself up and….OOPS! You peed a little. Let’s just hope you’re not wearing grey leggings. Even if no one else sees what happened, you know. You may see people doing types of workouts and think, “I’d love to do that but I’d piss myself.”

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