The Empire Of Instagram Celebrity Kayla Itsines

Shaping the world one burpee at a time

At the prime age of 25, Kayla Itsines has secured her role as the strong, independent, and beautiful lady that every woman strives to be. With a solid yet petite physique, perfectly shaped eyebrows, and glistening white teeth, she appears flawless to the eye. But if you take a few moments to get to know her, you will realize her beauty runs much deeper than her Photoshopped appearance. She is devoted to empowering women and views each young lady as beautiful and an inspiration. Humbled in her presence and knees weak from the endless burpees, squats, and jumps, she is ready to embrace every unique and wonderful sweaty figure after the torturous circuits for their long-awaited photo with their role model.


How Big Is Her Army?

It is fair to say that Kayla has become a fitness phenomenon. With over 5.3 million followers on Instagram, she has reached almost eight times as many followers as Jillian Michaels. While it is difficult to calculate exactly how enormous the Kayla Army has become, Tobi Pearce (Kayla’s boyfriend and the CEO of the BBG franchise) recently claimed that 25 million people all over the world are using her guides. According to an online analytics company, Sweat with Kayla has produced more income than any fitness app this year, including both the Nike+ app and Under Armour’s MyFitnessPal. And what’s more impressive than the size of the empire? The loyalty of its members. Thousands of women fly to venues around the world just to attend Kayla’s boot camps. But as Itsines always states, she never thinks of it as a business. In fact, she often says, “Don’t think of me as a celebrity. You don’t need me. You can do this by yourself.”


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