Can Diet and Exercise Affect Your Genes?

Exercise: It affects your jeans and your genes

We all know that regular exercise has endless benefits like building a healthy immune system and a stronger heart. Now, let’s dig a little deeper and look at how exercise improves our body at a cellular level. Is it true that it can change our very own genes?

First off, we need to consider that genes are never fixed. They are constantly changing to help the body adapt, depending on the type of stimulation they receive from the brain. The messages sent from the brain set off various physiological movements in the body. Almost like the butterflies and hammering heartbeat you experience when receiving a text from your crush.

“Methylation” describes how our genes are affected. Simply put, methylation is a process that either makes it easier or more difficult for the gene molecules to receive and respond to the messages from the brain. Think of it like a phone call breaking up during a conversation with your boy due to poor reception.

98d716787978d348a23071e70b242f5bThis process has no effect on the structure of the gene molecules themselves but rather modifies their behavior. And it is all consequential to one’s lifestyle choices and daily habits. Diet and exercise seem to be dominating factors to the nature of gene methylation and the resulting genetic patterns. For example, one’s diet may be the difference in developing diabetes or other metabolic diseases.

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