How Much Exercise Do You REALLY Need?

Let’s get to the bottom of this age all question

 3. Walking

Plain old walking can be as effective in burning calories if you do it often enough. In our modern world filled with cars, cabs, ubers and public transportation, walking is often regarded as something only hippies and poor people do.

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Next time you go to work, park a few blocks further and walk the rest of the way. Anytime you get the opportunity to walk instead of going with a car, use it.

4. Bike Riding

Another solution if you are not a fan of classic cardio; buy a bicycle and go anywhere you like. You can also use it instead of a car to go work or even go grocery shopping.

Words of wisdom: Invest in a good anti-theft lock because thieves think of bikes as free gifts for them.

5. Swimming

Swimming is great exercise and if you live by a beach or lake, taking a swim is a great release of stress. It activates every muscle in your body and burns some serious calories.

Since we’ve covered some cool aerobic ways of working out, let’s see what we can do about strength training.

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