5 Reasons The Fat Acceptance Movement Is Dumb

FAT is NOT the new FIT

No Iskra Lawrence isn’t fat

Iskra Lawrence is an English model. She is a contributor to Self magazine, and was the founding managing editor at Runway Riot; a website meant to be an outlet for women of all shapes and sizes to learn about glamor. She advocates for the plus-size community and often spearheads movements against body-shaming.

We are so proud that Iskra Lawrence is standing up for fat models everywhere. Except for one thing… she isn’t fat. Let us not confuse curvy with fat. Nothing is worse than seeing a model ‘pose’ as fat and pioneering fat rights! Come on, you aren’t fooling anyone.

Having an extra 10lbs isn’t fat Iskra, it’s called normal.

Being fat is a real problem… it is killing people

Being ruthlessly overweight is killing people, at a rate quicker than driving your car. The only thing that kills more people than being fat is smoking. It is the second leading cause of death in the USA. But we are widely accepting and even encouraging it to our youth. We have to understand nutrition is the building block for everything. Without nutrition, we die.


I guess I am preaching to the choir here, you gym rats understand the anger you feel when fat people get the credit you deserve and have actually WORKED for.

Ah well, rant over. Where is the nearest Burger King?

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