You’re Fat, and It’s Your Fault


Obesity is a disease and can cause heart attack, diabetes, and even cancer. It can also take an emotional toll on you and hinder your self-esteem. The cause of obesity varies, but the fact is over 30% of men and women are morbidly obese, and 60% are overweight!

That’s an astounding figure that should be sounding off alarm bells for our society. It’s time to make health a priority as we lose weight in a healthy sustainable way!

How can we solve this problem without taking accountability for ourselves? The answer is simple: we can’t! While genetics have been factored into why people are overweight, this is not something that’s totally out of our hands.

Rather than accepting it’s your destiny to be obese, take action and don’t allow yourself off the hook. It is true that heredity influences where we gain weight and how our fat is distributed. However, if you’re not giving your body a chance to burn off excess calories, it won’t matter what genes you got from mom and dad.

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Nutrition choices, the amount of activity you do and other lifestyle factors are within your control. It might not seem fair that some people can eat to their heart’s content and not gain an ounce.

But guess what? You have to look at your own life and not compare yourself to what others are doing. This means cleaning up your diet and getting moving! You can even get active as a family, so everyone can join in the fun.

Weight loss surgeries can benefit some people but they are only successful when paired with lifestyle changes. Accept there is no magic pill or “cure” for obesity. If there were, weight loss would be easy.

It’s going to be a journey, and yes, it will get hard. Know that you are investing in yourself when you feed your body unprocessed meals and don’t forget to MOVE! Only three to five percent of adults exercise the amount they should each week! If you need help or inspiration try an at home workout, get outside with friends and family and make your health a priority.

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