Top 10 Female Bodybuilders With Biggest Biceps

Who is the bulgiest belle of the ball?

When speaking of the best bodybuilders ever to have hit the stage we tend to glorify the biggest names of the men’s division, but what about those greats who have come and gone in the women’s class?

As quick as the rise of male bodybuilding has been over the past 40 years or so, it’s undoubtedly worth noting a long line of female amazons have rocked the stage,¬†many of whom were renowned for their biceps in particular.

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Many of us head to the gym and devote entire months strictly with the intention of growing those mounds of muscle on our arms, and many of us will never come close to these heavyweights.

Take Alina Popa, for example, a staple of the IFBB pro circuit in recent years and the owner of some of the most jacked pythons we’re ever likely to see on a woman.

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But the list doesn’t stop there. We’ve seen countless female athletes come through the halls of fitness fame bringing some of the most memorable physiques in history, and stellar arms are a running theme among many of them.

Read on for a breakdown of the top 10 female bodybuilder biceps; just be careful to not stare too close to your screen and having an eye poked out.

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