The Stronger, Faster Female Fitness Models of the 21st Century

The face of female fitness is changing.


It’s commonplace to hear women throw about the term that “strong is the new sexy,” but while many fit females are happy to look and act fit, it’s another thing entirely to actually provide proof.

Female fitness has changed irrevocably over the past two decades, and the boundaries are now being pushed further than ever before in terms of what we can come to expect from the fairer sex.

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Sure, we can just hop on Instagram and bear witness to any number of “fitspirations,” girls who dutifully work out, eat well and get in their cardio—but how many of said athletes have the strength to back it up.

As we mentioned earlier, the face of female fitness is changing, and up ahead we have a selection of some of the women flying a flag for what strength really is when combined with sexy.

Bakhar Nabieva

A name not many out there might have heard considering she’s still relatively new to the Instagram elite, but Ukrainian model Bakhar Nabieva will only be causing bigger and bigger waves; trust us.

In terms of size-to-strength ratio, there’s a case to argue no other female fitness model in the world holds quite as much power in her lower legs, and “The Beast From the East” even looks slightly out of proportion if anything.

However, in a 21st century where legs rule above all, who cares?

Julia Vins

The “Russian Doll” we’ve all heard of but have perhaps never taken the time to really appreciate just how strong she really is.

Julia Vins has popped up everywhere in the past couple of years, gaining notoriety for boasting the frame many men would be jealous of, all while maintaining the most feminine of facial features.Image result for julia vins

The Russian is “all grown up” now she’s a ripe old 20 years of age, and it wouldn’t be a shock to see her making an impact on the professional circuit in the years to come.

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