The Stronger, Faster Female Fitness Models of the 21st Century

The face of female fitness is changing.

Claudia Bonavoglia

Were you ever afraid there wouldn’t be a life after 40? Fret not, Claudia Bonavoglia is here to let you know the magic milestone is nothing but a number thanks to the fact she possesses the body of someone half that age.

While Nabieva had the legs and Vins brought width to the table, Bonavoglia is best known for her killer abs and one of the strongest cores you’re likely to see on someone who competes in the veterans category.

Jhi Yeon-Woo

The best South Korea has to offer, Jhi Yeon-Woo is what aesthetics are all about, combining a relatively tall frame of 5’7″—for a female, at least—with some of the best defining features around.

What tends to stand out most about Jhi is the size of her arms in comparison to the rest of her sleek-but-sturdy physique.

Brooke Ence

If you’re a woman and you’ve taken any steps toward even feigning interest in CrossFit, there’s an extremely good chance you’ve heard of Brooke Ence.

The 27-year-old is yet to really have a major impact on the CrossFit Games in any of her years taking part, but Ence has nevertheless gained a huge standing in the sport’s community due to her strength and appearance.

When you look up “strong is the new sexy,” you’ll see a picture of her.

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