Femur Length DOES Affect Squat Mechanics

Does Femur Length Affects Your Squats?


You might be wondering as to why your squat depth varies even though you are doing it with the right form and technique. And quite often it happens, you see someone right next to you doing a squat with upright back squat while you have to put your torso almost parallel to the floor.


I know you are very annoyed by those comments from other individuals at the gym telling you that your form is bad or you don’t know how to do a squat.

No! It isn’t always about the form and you don’t need to worry about that.

Femur Length and Squat Mechanics

The truth here is that you don’t have to force or be forced into a ‘perfect’ squat position. In simple, your body anatomy might be the reason as to why your squat form differs from others.

To give you a better idea of how femur length affects squat mechanics, below I’ve compared two female members who are of the same height but their torso and femur makes them significantly different from each other.


Their names are Maren and Brett. Maren is standing on the left side in the image below while Brett on the right side. You can clearly notice that Maren has a longer torso but a shorter femur while Brett has a short torso but long femurs. Also, see the height different on their hip joints. Isn’t it different?

Next, both the members were asked to do a 95 lbs. squat in order to demonstrate the difference femur length makes. They were asked to do a normal squat using natural squat mechanics.

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