The First 5 Mr. Olympia Winners Then And Now

Which one surprises you the most?

Getting old sucks

Old gym people suck; they are stinky and are always hogging the machine that you need to use. They spent more time in the gym talking then I spent at school getting my Master’s degree. With such terrible workout routines, we are often left wondering why the even bother coming to the gym at all. Go back to golfing.

But… what about the ex-shredded jacked veiny grandpa? How do some old guys and gals keep such ripped bodies their whole lives, while others turn into sacks of mush? Let us take a look at the first five Mr. O winners and see how their grandpa bodies are looking.

Are we doomed?

Are we going to be ugly and floppy when we hit the ripe old age of 60? Honestly, probably. Unfortunately, as we age, we lose the hormones that allow us to stay ripped as we are young. But thankfully fat and muscle are two different tissues.

What happens to our muscles will depend on whether or not we are still training and how our diet is in our old age.

Our muscles will atrophy (get smaller), and as the body slows we will most likely gain some fat, but muscles themselves never become fat. As for our skin, it tends to lose some elasticity with age, so our skin may be looser but that is again independent of muscle mass and fat. Either way, bodybuilders of the past look 30 years younger than their wrinkly counterparts. It is better to be the sexiest grandpa and granny in the old age home than the triple chin wrinkle monster, so what do we have to lose?

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